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Hello my name is Rajiv Sharma and I am creative engineer at RESEARCH & ME_mechscinovate which is my creativity, innovations, research and designs based blog. Researching, solving and innovating in engineering-science is my passion.

Presenting creativity in engineering-science & helping to innovate, design and research.
Changing the art of developing innovations, research and design, To Make It Easy.

This portfolio is designed to demonstrate my engineering research, innovation and design experience. One of the greatest qualities of the portfolio, in my opinion, is the emphasis on use of creative problem solving, creative research and design thinking in science-engineering to solve problems in easy way.

I hold B-Tech degree in mechanical engineering (2010-2013). Since schooldays I am focusing on new developments in science-engineering. At this point I have started different breakthrough initiatives for the benefit of society. With these initiatives I plan to assess the intersectoral worldwide level impact of my creative skills. More specific I have the intention to investigate, how implementation of creative thinking, design research and design thinking in innovation development may have an effective impact on modern world.

Apart from breakthrough initiatives, I have two and half years of work experience in industry as a Maintenance Engineer and one year of work experience in higher educational institute as a Lecturer, where I was expected with the opportunity to learn relevant new skills. I have already earned the experience of innovation development and assessed the impact of the same work developed by me on worldwide applications,


  • Designing a all new PhD. course although I have not a PhD.
  • B.Eng. in Mechanical, Aug 2010-Aug 2013, Punjab, India
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, May 2007-May 2010, Punjab, India


  • Freelance Creative Engineer, Researcher, & Designer, 2008 – Aug 2015 – Present
  • Machine optimization & maintenance Engineer, Dec 2014 – Present, Ludhiana, India
  • Freelance Social Worker to find barriers and challenges in the development of industry, Dec 2014 – Present, Ludhiana, India
  • Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, August 2013 – 2014, Punjab, India

Innovations, Research and Design Interests

  1. Cross-sectional Area Converting Machine
    2. How to Make Travelers or Consumers Aware of Vacant Seats Around The World
  2. Increase In Payload Without Increasing The Size Of Ship/Boat/Marine Vehicles
  3. Lift And Gravitational Force Conversion Into Thrust To Increase Overall Efficiency Of Air Transportation Systems
  4. Mechanism To Eliminate Or Minimize The Effect Of Aerodynamic Forces On Buildings Or Other Objects Subject To Airflow // ‘Reverse The Effect Of Airflow On Objects’
  5. Nonstop Fastest Ambulance In The World
  6. Overhead Solar-Powered Fully Automated Driver-less Public Transportation Vehicles
  7. Portable Wireless Dimensional Coordinates Measuring Instrument
  8. Riding Everywhere on Bicycle With Automated Pullers
    10. Rotor/turbine etc. With Small Discharge Of Fluid, & Its Related Applications
    11. Walking And Running Transportation System
  9. Sideways Hanging Transportation System
  10. In Addition To Savings In Energy, Virtual Reality Technology Has Been Entered In ‘Enclosed Air Conditioning Bed’ Design
  11. Overhead Electric-Powered Motorbike With Cabin Public Transportation
  12. Enclosed Bed Air-Conditioning System
  13. Transportation System Used Lift & Gravitational Force Into Forward Thrust
    ‘To Increase In Efficiency Of An Air Transportation System’
    ‘Future Air Transportation’
    17. Flute Shape System & Its Related Vast Applications
    18. Square Turning Mechanism And Its Related Applications
    19. Pulling Marine Vehicles Transportation System
  14. Possibility To Reduce Touching Surface Area Of Marine Vehicles With The Fluid Surface/Water Surface
    21. Cloth Drying Machine
    22. Flexible Board For Laptop, Study etc
    23. Earthquake Proof Buildings And Systems
  15. Welding Electrode-Electrode Holder Design, Its Uses & Applications
    25. Combined Car Aircraft Hovercraft Transportation System
  16. Human Powered Movable Pumping Machine
    27. Overpass Transportation System
    28. Flexibility In Use Of Table And Chairs Design
  17. Hanging Bridge Design
    30. Future Step Road
    31. Hydraulic System Based Colonies, Homes (Pascal Law)
    32. Portable & Flexible Rope Held Shed And Bridge
  18. Horizontal Wheel Positioned Railway System
    35. Multi-Stage Compressed Air Chambers Continuous In Series Transportation System
  19. Inclined, Straight And What May Be Position @Pin Support
  20. Suction Benefit Of Fan On The Roof
  21. Courageous Motorbike Design With Sphere-Wheel Option
  22. Multi-Purpose Buildings
  23. New Type Of Play Source (Swing)
  24. Inertia Forces Deactivation At Sudden Stop And Its Related Applications
    42. Bubble Travel And Its Related Phenomena, Its Applications
  25. Impact Protection Of Falling Smartphone And Its Related Applications
  26. Transmission Of Electric Spark
  27. Reverse Flow Of Air Inside The Bus
  28. Increase In Efficiency Of Thermal System By Increase In Flow Energy
  29. Energize The Air Flow On Other Side Of Wall Without Using Actuators
    48. Call Ringing Alert Before Actual Ringing
  30. Small Fluctuations Of Air Lead To Its Summation
  31. Refraction, Reflection Optics Related In Between Plane View Phenomena
  32. Measuring The Part Of Radiation Energy On Human/ Object By Surrounding
  33. Side Boundaries To Water On Earth
  34. Mysterious Path Traveled Against Gravity And Its Applications
    54. Water Drop Peripheral Equal Distance Traveled Across Radial Direction
  35. Formation Of Air Circulation @Tornado Type In Bottle And Its Related Applications
  36. Using Concept Of Analogy In Analysis And To Find Relation In Electrical And Thermal Systems & Develop Its Applications

Technical Skills

Environments___Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS
Software_______Microsoft office 13-16, Sketchbook, etc.
offer an ability to rapidly master new software and operating systems
CAD___________Auto-CAD, Pro-E, CATIA, Solid Works, PTC Creo
Languages_____CNC & VMC programming, Basic knowledge in C, C++
Web Design____Managing
Machining______Familiar with machine shop tools – CNC and manual mills, lathes, grinders etc
Manufacturing__Familiar with forging, broaching, manufacturing of gears, auto parts, heat treatment, assembly process of tractor and car…

Awards & Honours

2016_Qualified in Techbriefs @NASA “Create the future Design content 2016”
2015_Qualified in Techbriefs @NASA “Create the future Design content 2015”
Apr 2014______________First prize in “Engineering Expo 2014 at University”
May 2010_____________ First position in Diploma (M. E.) with Honors
May 2009_____________Secured position as “Class Representative”
May 2006- Dec 2007___Secured a position as “Head Boy”
Mar 2005_____________ “Best student of the class” position

Workshops / Certifications / Seminars

R&D Centre, Ludhiana, India
Sep, 2009___All India Machine Tool exhibition
Dec, 2008__ Familiar with Design-room, CMM, CNC and VMC etc. advanced machine tools
Dec, 2008__How to communicate with machinery, Tool-Dies i.e. responsible for production
June, 2008_Co-relate material properties by using Metallography
June, 2008_Familiar with testing, parameters of a Bicycle & a Sewing machine

Extra Curricular Activities 

Nov 20-21, 2014___Attended as a Delegate in Knowledge expo
Nov 18-19, 2014___Attended as a Delegate in Indo- U.S. Technology summit
Nov 13-14, 2014___Attended as a visitor in FICCI R & D global summit
Sep 26, 2014______Attended as an Innovator in International Innovation Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Summit’ (I2SES), IIT Delhi
Oct 2008_________Speech contest, R & D Polytechnic. Ludhiana, India
Jan 2007_________ Inter school Drawing & Sports competition, Guru Nanak Stadium Ludhiana
Nov 2006________ Inter school Bhangra and Dance competition, P.S.E.B, India
Jan 2006-Apr 2010__voluntarily worked, to serve polio drops door to door

To Complete Rigorous Degree Program, was required to pass the following graduate-level courses

Object oriented programming, Engineering thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Engineering Mathematics-I, Mechanics, Physics lab,
Communication skills-II, General presentation, Mechanics of solids, Kinematics of machines, Unified mechanical engineering laboratory-I, Unified mechanical engineering laboratory-II, Engineering mathematics-II, Waves electricity and magnetism, Electrical sciences-I
Material science, Design of Machine Elements-I, Heat and mass transfer, Dynamics of machines, Unified mechanical engineering laboratory -III, Electrical sciences-II, Energy conversion systems, Design of machine elements-II, Controls theory, IC Engine and heat transfer laboratory, Numerical analysis,
Refrigeration and air conditioning, Seminar on industrial training, Mechanical vibration, RAC and turbo machinery laboratory, Non-traditional machining processes, Operation research,
Capstone Project-I, Engineering materials, Quality engineering, Power plant engineering technology, Mechanical vibrations and controls laboratory, Computer aided manufacturing, Computer aided manufacturing laboratory, Advanced welding technology, Capstone project-II

To Complete Rigorous Diploma Program, was required to pass the following graduate-level courses

English & Communication Skills-1, Applied Mathematics-1, Applied Chemistry-1, Engineering Drawing-1, General Workshop Practice-1, Applied Physics-1
English & Communication Skills-2, Applied Mathematics-2, Applied Chemistry-2, Engineering Drawing-2, General Workshop Practice-2, Applied Physics-2, Basics of Information Technology
Mechanical Engineering Drawing-1, Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering, Elements of Electrical & Electronics Eng., Workshop Technology-1, Material Science, Applied Mechanics
Generic Skills & Entrepreneurship Development, Hydraulics & Pneumatic, Thermodynamics-1, Strength of Materials, Mechanical Engineering Drawing-2, Workshop Technology-2
Theory of Machines, Automobile Engineering, Production Management, Thermodynamics-2, Computer Aided Drafting (Auto-CAD), Workshop Technology-3
Industrial Training, Basics of Management, Metrology & Instrumentation, Machine Design, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, CNC Machines & Automation, Major Project

Participate in Maintenance of following Machines

CNC Turning, VMC, Cutting Band Saw Hobbing, CNC Hobbing, Gear Shaving, Gear Shaper, Vertical Russian Broach, Center Facing, Forging Drop Hammer, Mechanical Press, Upsetter, Hydraulic Press, Spline Milling, Induction Heater, Seal Quench Furnace, Lathe, Boring, Drilling, Deep Hole Drilling, Milling, Grinder, CNC Grinder, Billet Heater,  Magnaflux, Shot Peening & Blasting, Spline Rolling, Normalizing Furnace, Tempering Furnace, Reciprocating & Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Refrigerated Air Dryers, Handling Air-line in plant, Cooling Tower, Heat Exchanger, Panel, Split & Window A.C., Fork Lifter, Hydra Crane, Jib Crane, EOT Crane

Soft Skills

  • Project Study, Case Study, Handling, Development
  • Information Management
  • Innovation, Technology Development
  • Lecturer
  • Maintenance Audit, Maintenance Management
  • Experimentation
  • Machine Maintenance, Optimization
  • Research, Design & Development
  • Digitalization
  • Teaching, Training & Development
  • New Course Preparation, Design and Development
  • Work Allocation
  • Industrial & Academic Research Collaboration
  • Creative Learning
  • Organization Development: developing people and helping organizations growth
  • Technology Watch
  • Employee Engagement
  • Project, Product Development And Guidance
  • Plant Optimization
  • Concept Generation & Development
  • Interaction Design
  • Motivation & Focus to industrial manpower
  • Collaborative Teaching
  • Energy Management
  • Knowledge Management & Optimization
  • Creative Thinking
  • Innovation Culture Development
  • Industrial Design
  • Business Development
  • Skill Enhancement, Skill Development
  • Logo Design
  • Talent Management, Team Building, Team Leadership
  • Coaching: High-Potential or Developmental, Career, Academic, Mechanical Engineering & Science, Personal, Performance, Life, Executive, Team

Languages Skill

English, Proficient ; Hindi First Language, native speaker ; Punjabi Mother tongue, native speaker ; Sanskrit, Medium

Gender- Male, 26 years old

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