Hi! I’m Rajiv Sharma. I am from India, creative engineer at mechscinovate project which is my creativity, innovations, research and designs based blog. Researching, solving and innovating in engineering-science is my passion.

I am presenting creativity in engineering-science & helping to innovate, design and research.

Portfolio in this website is designed to demonstrate my engineering research, innovation and design experience. One of the greatest qualities of the portfolio, in my opinion, is the emphasis on use of creative problem solving, creative research and design thinking in science-engineering to solve problems in easy way.

I hold B-Tech degree in mechanical engineering (2010-2013). Since schooldays I am focusing on new developments in science-engineering. At this point I have started different breakthrough initiatives for the benefit of society.

Apart of this, I have two and half years of work experience in industry as a Maintenance Engineer and one year of work experience in higher educational institute as a Lecturer.

Proficiencies Displayed: Design Research, Ingenuity, Problem-Solving, Project Management.

Hand Sketching, Design Thinking, Creative Writing, Prototyping, Storytelling.

Communication, Logo Design, Information Management, Technology Development, Concept Generation, Creative Learning.

Technical Skills: CAD, C, C++, CNC & VMC programming, Web Design: research-andme.com, Machining: Familiar with machine shop tools, CNC and manual mills, lathes, grinders etc.

Manufacturing: Familiar with forging, broaching, manufacturing of gears, auto parts, heat treatment, assembly process of tractor and car etc.

Awards & Honours: Qualified Entries in Techbriefs @NASA “Create the Future Design Contest 2015 2016, 2017 & 2018.”

First prize in “Engineering Expo 2014 at University”, Secured First position in B.Eng. (Mech. Engg.) and Diploma (Mech. Engg.) with Honors.

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