Design Statement:
Vehicle can run on the road, hover and fly in the air.

Design has following parts:
Seating, Payload, Extended Portion and Impeller cabins or compartments, fold-able wings that mounted at the sides of vehicles body (in option).
Rotary seats and payload capsules.
Impeller, perforated sheet for air entrance, airfoil shaped flaps.
Landing gear and powered wheels.

Vehicle can run on the road, hover and fly in the air.

Futuristic Fold-Unfold, Multistorey and Height Adjustment Based Flying Machines

Working Steps:

Step 1: Vehicle is running on the road by engine driven powered wheel propulsion.

Step 2: Propulsion and lift force generated from high speed air jet that is being developed by propeller engine or jet engine is assisting in take-off the vehicle. Vehicle’s main body tilting position and airfoil shaped flaps (mounted inside the compartment-2) degree of rotation is controlling the Angle of Attack (AOA).
Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) is possible by reversing the impeller rotation direction. 

Step 3: After take-off, lift force and thrust force generated from propeller engine or jet engine, airfoil shaped vehicle’s body, airfoil flaps in compartment-2 and fold-able wings that are mounted at the sides of vehicles body (in option) will complete the journey of travel.


  1. Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL).
  2. Vehicle can fold and unfold itself.
  3. Seating and payload arrangement in multi-storey compartments.
  4. Compact and lightweight design.
  5. Height adjustment ability to overtake and to overpass the other vehicles or obstructions in the path while travelling.
  6. Vehicle can travel on road and fly in the air.
  7. Combined features of car, hovercraft and airplane.
  8. Electric Powered/ Renewable energy dependence.
  9. Tilt to an angle.
  10. Have rotary seats and payload capsules to remain always aligned.
  11. Fast and reliable journey experience.
  12. Can drive across varied height tunnels by height adjustment.
  13. Easy take-off and landing.

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