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Entry or exit in cabin.
Tyre (Wheel)
Rail line or guide ways.
Rail wheel option or can be use with small width.

Electric-powered Motorbike, Mechscinovate by Rajiv. S

Electric-powered Motorbike, Mechscinovate by Rajiv. S

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Rajiv .S

Hello my name is Rajiv Sharma and I am the founder of RESEARCH & ME_mechscinovate which is my creativity, innovations, research and designs based blog. •Engineer•Inventor•Researcher•Designer•Author• Education Designing a all new PhD. course although I have not a PhD. B.Eng. in Mechanical Aug 2010-Aug 2013, Punjab, India Diploma in Mechanical Engineering May 2007-May 2010, Punjab, India Experience Freelance Creative Engineer, Inventor, Researcher, Innovator & Designer 2008 – Present Machine optimization & maintenance Engineer Dec 2014 – Present, Ludhiana, India Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering August 2013 – 2014, Punjab, India

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