Problem Statement
As we know that electric fluid/water pump requires a source of electricity and combustion engine-powered pump requires fuel for their successful operation.
On the other hand at the time of non availability of the required sources, these pump will not work.
Also fuel based pump have some limitations like pollution, sound etc.
In this situation what we will do?

Problem Details
It will difficult to drain out the uneven water or we have to do hard work with the help of Bucket and Mug in non-availability of source/pump condition.
Solution Details
In this design we have vehicle that is paddle driven and carries reservoirs on it.

Sustainable, Lightweight Design of Human Powered Movable Pump Machine. 'Mechscinovate'

Sustainable, Lightweight Design of Human Powered Movable Pump Machine. ‘Mechscinovate’

Pedals driven by human power drives the pump as well as vehicle.
Vehicle has light and Eco-friendly design.
It has steering/handle, so that it can be direct in any required direction and place. Stored water in reservoirs after suctioning from the targeted place can be drained out in suitable area later.
Overall this Machine/Vehicle has Eco-friendly, Light, Flexible, Non-polluted, Sustainable design.


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