In addition to savings in energy, Virtual reality technology has been entered in ‘Enclosed Air conditioning Bed’ design.


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As we know that amount of heat added or removed by an Air conditioning unit directly depends on the quantity of heat reduction & generation in that space respectively. In other words, extra stuff in surrounding is responsible for increase in load consumption and electricity from an Air conditioning unit.

Enclosed AC Smart Bed, Mechscinovate by Rajiv. S
Enclosed AC Smart Bed, Mechscinovate by Rajiv. S

But the main purpose behind installation of an Air conditioning unit in our bed-room or in other place to provide cooling or heating effect to specific object or human body with conditioned air, instead of effecting other objects in surrounding like appliances, objects, walls etc.
The design of ‘Enclosed Air conditioning unit’ achieved most of the aforementioned requirements.

Description of design:
Bed with cabin or closed compartment.
Construction of Cabin required transparent sheet or translucent material etc. as per need.
Cabin gives facility to open or close it with help of curved door or windows.

Other Features of design:
It requires small space.
Provide protection from animals, insects etc.
Low cooling load.
Fast and efficient response.
Other smartphone enabled features can be added.
Customized music system.
Virtual reality screen in cabin sheet.

Note: Modification in design is possible, So applications are vast.
Next update is in process.

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