In Engineering, Science & Technology >< Single list link for 26+ inventions, designs and research data developed by me.

Single list link for 26+ inventions ideas designs developed by me and qualified in techbriefs @NASA.

For each explanation and drawings find the below link.

  1. Transportation system used lift & gravitational force into forward thrust.

“” To increase in efficiency of an air transportation system ”

“”” Future air transportation systems.

  1. Increase in payload without increasing size of ship boat marine vehicles.
  2. Possibility to reduce touching surface area of marine vehicles with fluid surface.
  3. Walking & Running transportation system.
  4. Cloth drying machine.
  5. Flexible board for laptop books etc.
  6. Welding electrode ‪#‎electrode holder design, its uses & applications.
  7. Combined Car Aircraft Hovercraft transportation system.
  8. Overpass Transportation system.
  9. Fastest Ambulance in the world.
  10. Sideways hanging transportation system.
  11. Multi-stage compressed air chambers continuous in series transportation system.
  12. Bubble travel and its related phenomena, its applications.
  13. Reverse the effect of airflow on systems or objects.
  14. Horizontal wheel positioned railway system.
  15. Impact protection of falling smartphone and its related applications.
  16. Enclosed bed air-conditioning system.
  17. New wireless coordinate scale or measuring instrument.
  18. Call ringing alert before actual ringing.
  19. Pulling marine vehicles transportation system.
  20. Rotor/Turbine etc. with small discharge of fluid, & its related applications
  21. Earthquake proof buildings and systems.
  22. Flute shape system & its related applications.
  23. Cross-sectional area converting machine.
  24. Square turning mechanism and its related applications.
  25. Human powered movable pumping machine.

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