Designed A Low Base, Centre of Gravity (C.G) Luxurious Tractor With More Traction Required In Fields, For Crops, Food, Farming, Soil, Living Being & Planet Earth

“Innovative Design of Luxurious Tractor”

Design of modern luxurious Tractor
Designed A Low Base, Centre of Gravity (C.G) Luxurious Tractor With More Traction Required In Fields, For Crops, Food, Farming, Soil, Living Being & Planet Earth


Possible! Payload increase Without increasing the Size of Ship/Water/Fluid/Marine Transportation, eliminating payload dependency.

Problem Statement
Ships/Water/Fluid and Marine Transportation Systems are used to carry large amount of payload like goods/passengers etc. These vehicles has large sizes or surface area, So that required upward force magnitude by water can achieved to float (Archimedes’ Principle).

In other words, To carry large amount of Weight (payload) we have to increase the surface area or size and strength of these systems.

Whereas, Total Weight = Self Weight of Vehicle + Payload.             …Equation 1.
To increase efficiency, Total weight dependency on payload would have to be eliminate as expressed in above Equation 1.

Increase in payload without increasing the size of Ship/water/Fluid/Marine Vehicles, rajiv.s
Increase in payload without increasing the size of Ship/water/Fluid/Marine vehicles, rajiv.s

Solution Statement
According to Pascal’s principle “The pressure throughout a closed system is constant”.
Following this Principle,
There is installation of Hydraulic Press type arrangement on the lower floor of the Ship.

Pistons will carry weight vertically. There will not be side component of weight on cylinder wall.
Whole System is filled with incompressible fluid.

Loading distribution
Smaller piston surface and larger piston surface will carry small and large magnitude of weight or force respectively.
The pressure intensity will equally distribute in fluid throughout the system.
System can sustain maximum pressure equals to bursting strength.

Concept behind the Innovation
There will no effect of increase in payload on Total Wight.
Mean to say that magnitude of payload placed on piston surface will transfer to fluid but not to floor of Ship.
Total weight dependency on payload will eliminate, as expressed in above equation 1.
So Now,
Total weight = weight of the vehicle + weight of system (Pascal’s principle system).

An example to clear the above Design.
Tire tube filled with air is lying on Weight Scale.
Filling more air in tube will cause its pressure to increase dramatically as compare to increase in its weight on weight scale.

By filling more air inside the same volume of tube will cause air particles to pack closely with each other. So density will increase or Weight-Scale magnitude reading will increase.

On the other hand if the fluid is incompressible, then change in density will be in negligible amount or Weight-Scale magnitude reading will remain same or minute change will occur. But pressure will increase inside the tube and Intensity of pressure will distribute in all directions in same magnitude.
Pressure intensity have to bear by longitudinal and circumferential strengths of system material.

Above discussed arrangement cause it possible to carry Large amount of weight (payload) on Water/Fluid/Marine Transportation Systems without facing any problem of sinking these systems into the Water/fluid/Sea.

Image Description

Note: Further modifications are in process.


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Author: Rajiv Sharma,
Founder & CEO at mechscinovate


Human-Powered Movable Pump Machine.

Problem Statement
As we know that electric fluid/water pump requires a source of electricity and combustion engine-powered pump requires fuel for their successful operation.
On the other hand at the time of non availability of the required sources, these pump will not work.
Also fuel based pump have some limitations like pollution, sound etc.
In this situation what we will do?

Problem Details
It will difficult to drain out the uneven water or we have to do hard work with the help of Bucket and Mug in non-availability of source/pump condition.
Solution Details
In this design we have vehicle that is paddle driven and carries reservoirs on it.

Sustainable, Lightweight Design of Human Powered Movable Pump Machine. 'Mechscinovate'
Sustainable, Lightweight Design of Human Powered Movable Pump Machine. ‘Mechscinovate’

Pedals driven by human power drives the pump as well as vehicle.
Vehicle has light and Eco-friendly design.
It has steering/handle, so that it can be direct in any required direction and place. Stored water in reservoirs after suctioning from the targeted place can be drained out in suitable area later.
Overall this Machine/Vehicle has Eco-friendly, Light, Flexible, Non-polluted, Sustainable design.


Combined Car-Aircraft-Hovercraft transportation system||Overpass transportation system||Fastest Ambulance in the world.

Design Statement
Vehicle has combined features of Car|Aircraft|Railway|Skater|Hovercraft|.
It looks like as a car, has 2 or multiple renewable energy powered propulsion engines as per need mounted on both side wings left and right side respectively.
Vehicle runs on road/surface with two or multiple wheels aligned in-line to each other, mounted on live or dead axle and has two additional wheels attached on left and right side of vehicle respectively with the help of long height adjustable arms. These arms have pneumatic/mechanical/hydraulic length adjust-ability as well as suspension technique that provides swivelled motion to the vehicle about its side wheels central axis and absorbs shocks.

Fastest vehicle in the World, Rajiv. S, Mechscinovate.
Fastest vehicle in the World, Rajiv. S, Mechscinovate.

Vehicle in motion
In starting stage the vehicle is stationary and all wheels touches with the ground surface. Length of side wheel’s arms may be minimum to maximum as per requirement.

As the engine starts, it provides self propelled power to the vehicle and vehicle moves forward.
Vehicle hovers in upward and downward direction with the help of increase or decrease in speed/lift forces respectively. By adjusting the magnitude of hovering, vehicle can swivel about the central axis of side wheels as well as continue moving in forward direction at same time and even can leave the surface or can fly in the air. So vehicle has ability to continue move ahead by overpassing/crossing the obstructions in its way such as traffic, small size vehicles, holes etc. without need to stop itself.

As discussed in previous article ‘Transportation system used lift and gravitational force Into forward thrust’ can be used to improve the speed, efficiency and stability of this transportation system.

For general brake application, In-lined wheels are responsible. In addition to it, side wheels and spoilers mounted on wings can also serve to slow/stop the vehicle.

To steer the vehicle, steering of In-lined wheels/side wheels is responsible. In addition to it, direction control of the vehicle is also possible by steering the thrusters or elevators.

With installation of sensors on its side wheels/in suitable position, vehicle featured with safe, efficient, fast and auto response.
While travelling responsible sensors detects ahead obstructions in path of travel, provides alert to the control system. Further, control system drives the hovering actuators in a controlled manner to produce desired hovering effect in upward and downward direction respectively to overpasses the obstructions.

Wings can be modify according to selection of suitable modern applications. To minimize overall width, folding wings can be use.
Quantity and position of wheel is an option and selection depends on need.
Assumed that side wheels are heavy enough to get the vehicle swivel motion about central axis of side wheels.

In addition to savings in energy, Virtual reality technology has been entered in ‘Enclosed Air conditioning Bed’ design.


Please find the previous article.
As we know that amount of heat added or removed by an Air conditioning unit directly depends on the quantity of heat reduction & generation in that space respectively. In other words, extra stuff in surrounding is responsible for increase in load consumption and electricity from an Air conditioning unit.

Enclosed AC Smart Bed, Mechscinovate by Rajiv. S
Enclosed AC Smart Bed, Mechscinovate by Rajiv. S

But the main purpose behind installation of an Air conditioning unit in our bed-room or in other place to provide cooling or heating effect to specific object or human body with conditioned air, instead of effecting other objects in surrounding like appliances, objects, walls etc.
The design of ‘Enclosed Air conditioning unit’ achieved most of the aforementioned requirements.

Description of design:
Bed with cabin or closed compartment.
Construction of Cabin required transparent sheet or translucent material etc. as per need.
Cabin gives facility to open or close it with help of curved door or windows.

Other Features of design:
It requires small space.
Provide protection from animals, insects etc.
Low cooling load.
Fast and efficient response.
Other smartphone enabled features can be added.
Customized music system.
Virtual reality screen in cabin sheet.

Note: Modification in design is possible, So applications are vast.
Next update is in process.