How To Synchronize The Speed Of Platform To The Speed Of Rider, Calculations

Comparison via this sketch, At which speed of vehicle the ball threw in upward direction will return back to hand!?

// throwing a ball in a moving train?


‘Walking & Running Transportation Or Carriers’, Version 2.0.


  • Drive
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Hover
  • Electric Hybrid
  • Exercise
  • Stay healthy & fit simultaneously

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Lever Arm Benefit Design & Methodology For ‘Swirl Flute Shaped Pneumatic And Electric-Powered Thrust Engines, Part-16

Providing propulsion to ‘Guided Pipelines To Assist Overhead Hanging Or Non Hanging Half or Fully Automatic Controlled Travelling And Payload Carriers’

Developing thrust via

  • Swirl Turbine /
  • Swirl nozzle from opposite end use /
  • Swirl diffuser from same end use /
  • Swirl Compressor.

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