Popular Parent Creations

  1. Nonstop Fastest Ambulance in The World Parent

Combined Car-Aircraft-Hovercraft Transportation System ‘Overpass Transportation System.’

2.  Smartphone Enabled ‘Smart Bed’ With Virtual Reality Technology

In addition to savings in energy, Virtual Reality Technology has been Entered in ‘Enclosed Air Conditioning Bed’ Design.

3.  How to Identify Vacant Seats and Make Travelers Aware of Them Around the World!

Solved! How to Identify Vacant Seats in Train/Bus/Room/Theatre and How to Make Travelers or Consumers Aware of Them?

4.1  Free Guided and Controlled Path Travel Futuristic Vehicles

Hover in the air while you are traveling; Future of most acceptable propulsion drive is here.


4.2  Electromagnetic Powered Self Aligned Hovering Transport Vehicles

5.  Walking and Running Transportation System

Transportation system on which we can run, walk.

6.1  Sideways Hanging Transportation

Vehicles are running on inner-side or outside or on both sides of divided median strip on road.


6.2  Flute Shape System, Here It is an Update in Next 27 Plus Inventions-Ideas-Designs

System mainly consists two parts lying co-axially, one is core (rotor) and another one is outer periphery (stator), and one of the part have rotary relative motion w.r.t another part or vice versa according to the derived application.

7.  Simple Human Powered Boat Design

8.  High Speed Overhead Hanging Half or Fully Automatic Controlled Travel and Payload Carriers

9.1  Customized Three Wheel Vehicle with Eco-friendly, Renewable Energy Powered, Light Weight Features


9.2  Courageous Motorbike Design with Sphere-Wheel Option for Multi Degree of Freedom

10.1  Riding Everywhere On Bicycle with Automated Pullers

To cross the market, we are on bicycle. To cross the multiple streets, we are on a bicycle and even to cross the towns, states, country we are still riding on a bicycle that is public or privately owned without feeling anxiety, tiredness, but instead of these all we have luxurious, green, sustainable, Eco-friendly, smart features-filled journey.

10.2  The Future of Traffic Control ‘Lightweight Travelling Bridges’

Works as Transportation medium as well as transportation vehicle to carry the vehicles.

11.1  Rotor/Turbine Etc. With Small Discharge of Fluid and Its Related Applications

System consists two bowls, one is larger named as ‘Paraat (Hindi word)’ is full with liquid (water) and another one bowl (is made with aluminium) has smaller diameter and height. Advantages is that small (minute) amount of water discharge is sufficient to revolve small container (runner, bowl) and larger bowl acts as stator in case of motor.


11.2  Water Flow Making Circular Motion at Exit and Developing a Center of the Circle

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