This invention helping passengers, consumers finding a seat on their train or public transportation, seminar, theatre hall etc. and improving the experience of their journey.

Identify vacant seats in Train/Bus/Room/Theatre etc, Mechscinovate Rajiv. S

Identify vacant seats in Train/Bus/Room/Theatre etc, Mechscinovate Rajiv. S

Objective of generated idea is that how to identify vacant seats and how to make travellers aware of them around the world.

Following is the description of idea/invention/innovation/concept in steps.

  1. If we install piezoelectric or other suitable sensors below each seat.
  2. These sensors will produce variation in output energy as the weight on seat changes.
  3. According to load, status of seat availability can be easily check. Weight above some magnitude limit means seat is booked or otherwise it is available.
  4. Output information of all these sources (sensors) are connected to a single computer/ cloud computing and to further other required information sources for passengers or consumers like mobile app via internet.

Note: more information will be available soon.


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