Solved! Windows Setup Error “We Couldn’t Create a New Partition (Error-0xbb103460)”

Have you bought a new PC or Hard disk drive and getting the error “We Couldn’t Create a New Partition (Error-0xbb103460)” during Windows 10 installation?

Partition creation error
Windows setup error “we couldn’t create a new partition”

To overcome the aforementioned problem, first of all try one of the solution described below.


  1. Shut down the PC.
  2. Eject the media from which you are installing the Windows 10.
  3. Insert the other version of windows disk image media like Windows 8/8.1/7.
  4. Proceed the steps to create the partition.
  5. After creating the partition successfully, cancel the installation process, shut down the PC and eject the windows installation media.
  6. Insert the Windows 10 disc image media and start the installation process.
  7. Complete the installation.

Author: Rajiv Sharma,
Creative Engineer, Researcher, Innovator and Designer at mechscinovate

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