Unfortunately, The answer is ‘No’!

Major flaw in higher education entrance and recruitment policy in public sector.
Because most of the recruiters/ evaluators don’t know the purpose of the entrance exam!

Unfortunately, The answer is ‘No’ at present!

Consider that you are one of the most energetic, excellent, revolutionary and a young innovator/scientist/researcher or professional in India and at the same time recruiters/evaluators discards you to accept as an engineer or professional because you have not cleared their particular designed exam even though if you are great on required skills.

  1. Your friends who were average or low in studies, rote the books and now are called as engineers, scientists, designers and researchers.
  2. You who was excellent in studies, invested time to explore the subjects, thought out of the box and developed creative designs, research & innovations is now begging for an opportunity in relevant area of interest in which you are one of the most eligible but are helpless to attend or pass the entrance exam by any reason.
(please don't look for the reasons at this time, consider the case)

It all will result in that one day you will be helpless to vanish your skills.

And it is the reason for that Why and How most Innovators, Scientists, Researchers or Professionals are being badly treating in India or anywhere else in the world.

To overcome this problem, To stop biased recruitment and To improve skills, there is need to renew the policy or to make a strategy by answering the below mentioned question.

Is There Any Strategy Available For An Efficient or Most Eligible Candidate To Make Him/Her Enter In An Opportunity By Considering Equivalent or Bypassing Entrance Exams In India or anywhere else the world?


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